Have You Ever Been In Love With Your Straight Best Friend? These Guys Have.

Star-crossed love is one thing, but falling for someone who isn’t interested in romance with your entire gender is an impossible hurdle to jump. And it’s sadly all too often a scenario when gay guys fall for their straight best friends.

Things get confusing, and fast. The male bonding that the straight friend enjoys so much can easily turn into butterflies in the stomach for the gay friend, always wondering if the friendly affection might one day mean more.

Here are 15 anonymous Whispers on the topic. Have you ever fallen for a straight friend? We’d love to hear your stories.

I don't know how/if I  should tell my best friend that I like him. I'm gay &  he's straight

I'm gay, but I was totally  in love with my best friend in college. He was perfect for me, except he was straight. I still think he  was the one that got away...

I'm one of those gay  guys with a straight guy best friend. He knows I  had a crush on him & it didn't get weird-- he was flattered. We look out for each other. It's awesome.

I'm a feminine gay guy but I'm totally falling for my best friend who is a masculine straight guy. I don't know how to even bring it up.

My straight friend and I sext sometimes, he knows I'm gay and I have a crush on him. But we never talk about it in person.

I'm gay and in love with my straight friend. My boyfriend would be so mad if he found out.

Being gay and falling for a straight friend is hard as fuck because you know nothing can ever be done about it probably end up being rejected as a lover and a friend #Lipsaresealed and throw away the key

Last year I fell in love with my college roommate. I fantasized that he was secretly gay, and hated all the girls he spoke to. He still has no idea.

My straight best friend, whom is super handsome, was incredibly drunk last night and said he wanted to give gay sex a try. I declined because his friendship means a lot to me, but I've always fantasized about that happening.

I'm a gay guy and help my straight best friend to get his dream girl. Sometimes I think we should be a pair. We'd be a great couple....

I hate the fact that I like him, but he's straight. I hate the fact that I like him, but he likes my friend. I hate the fact that I like him, but he'll never like me. Sincerely, A gay guy

I'm gay, and I have a straight friend who is curious. He asked me to be the one to help him experiment, but I have feelings for him and don't want to make things even more complicated...

I'm a gay guy, my best friend is a straight guy. I love my best friend but I'm not sure if I love him like a bro or if I'm in love with him. I know not much can happen between us either way unless he stops rejecting me and comes out as gay.

I've been in love with my straight best friend for 3 years now. He knows and he doesn't care. That just makes me love him even more. Oh, the torture that is unrequited gay love.

Im gay and slept with my "straight" best friend. He still claims he's straight and wont talk to me unless he wants to hook up.