Have You Ever Been Swindled By an Ex?


QUEERTY ASKS, YOU ANSWER — The European press dubbed swindler Helg Sgarbi “The Swiss Gigolo” for his attempt to bilk Germany’s richest woman, BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, out of millions by threatening to release footage of their, ahem, “intimate relations” to the public. This, on top of the roughly $9 million she already extended to what she thought was her caring boyfriend, but who turned out to be an adept con man. (Who, it turns out, might have been working for another man who actually called the shots.) It wasn’t Sgarbi’s first smooth talking stab at exploiting wealthy women; he’s got a number of prominent names he nabbed, blackmailing them with the same gimmick. Fitting, then, that a German court just sentenced Sgarbi to six years in jail. And while hopefully you’ve never been the victim of such an egregious blackmailing (it does take a certain net worth, after all), we’d guess a number of Queerty readers have a notch or two when it comes to gold-digging boyfriends and girlfriends. Herewith, we invite you to share your most sordid stories of that deadbeat ex who, it turns out, didn’t need $1,000 to pay for his ailing grandmother’s cancer medication, nor did he need your gold card to pay for college courses so he could finish his degree. Were you swindled by someone you thought loved you back? Tell us — and feel free to post under another screenname if you’re looking for anonymity. The more sickening details of distrust, well, the better.

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