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Have You Stopped Eating Chick-fil-A? Then Stop Drinking Jack Daniels

Among the food and beverage companies who clearly HATE THE GAYS because they don’t do everything in their power to NOT HATE THE GAYS is Brown-Forman Corp. — distributor of such brands as Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodkas, Herradura Tequila, Sonoma-Cutrer Wines, Korbel Champagne — which doesn’t provide employees with same-sex partner benefits. There are more like this. Yes, there’s a bit of a difference between being branded “anti-gay” because of something you don’t do (provide health care benefits) and what you do do (donate free services to anti-gay groups), but who said throwing your cash away on fast food and booze was easy? (NB: Apparently Chili’s is one place that deserves your cash, if Peter Labarbera says you don’t.)

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  • Zeus

    I don’t drink that crap anyway. Jamison/Jim Beam/Maker’s Mark for the win.

  • Jim D

    This doesn’t add to the post but I wanted to add something about Chili’s. My nephew was a manager there. He died a couple of years ago of an oral cancer, and left two small children. Chili’s was absolutely fantastic to him during his time of illness and after his death, both with the benefits they provided him, and fund raising after his death. As far as I’m concerned this is one incredible company, in how they treat their employees.

  • the crustybastard


    Ah, a man of taste. If you haven’t had Redbreast Irish Whiskey, do try. Pure pot still whiskey, triple distilled, 12 years old.

    It’s liquid gold, my friend. Liquid gold.

  • Francis

    Put the pressure on, folks. That’s what it comes down to. Continue putting the pressure on these individuals and set things straight.

  • Shannon1981

    Thanks Queerty for letting us know these things. Might I suggest a list of companies to avoid being posted in a prominent place on the site?

  • Philip

    Nothing good ever comes from brown liquor.

  • declanto

    I am not a weepy sort of ‘mo normally (?) but if I give up on ole #7 for the good of my fellow-queers, allow me a wet cheek, OK?

  • Garrett

    Uh, Queerty should do their homework rather than just accept everything they see on the Internet as fact. The latest HRC Corporate Equality Index lists Brown-Forman at a 100% rating, meaning they not only offer LGBT employment protections but healthcare as well, and the information they based this on is years old. I dislike HRC’s motives at times, but I trust their word on these things far more than some random blog. Let’s keep the hate where it belongs: targeted at companies like Exxon Mobil, BlackRock Financials, DISH Network, and other companies that refuse to give any recognition to their LGBT employees.

  • LouWillsea

    I am the national co-lead for Brown Forman’s ERG for LGBT employees. We already offered same-sex domestic partner coverage two years ago when you first published this. That year, our HRC score was the highest year-on-year point gain of any company in HRC’s database. We are at a perfect 100 now, and intend to stay there. We are sponsors and active participants to HRC and Out & Equal, and we corporately support local and regional LGBT events all over the country. This post was inaccurate due to outdated information two years ago, it is flat-out wrong now.

  • SmallFry

    This information is way outdated. Brown Foreman has made a LOT of changes over the past few years and this article is flat out wrong. What was your source? A pissed off queen with a drinking problem?

  • Trieste

    SmallFry : It’s Queerty. Take everything you read with a grain of salt.

  • CL

    I personally know that all of the information in this article is incorrect, and I think it is a shame to be slamming companies that actually support the LGBT intiative. One should actually do research before posting information that is subsequently read by viewers who do not know the difference between fact and slanderous fiction. It is a struggle to get support in the first place, and now the LGBT community is slamming companies taking HUGE intiatives to support the community. Not wise.

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