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‘You haven’t lived until you’ve talked about twinks with the CDC.’

Michael Donnelly (Facebook)

“Even for us — even for gay men who have been in the gay nightlife scene for years and years, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to go to a meeting with 10 CDC epidemiology experts and explain the intricacies of Circuit Week versus Bear Week and just how many hundreds of people they can squeeze into those spaces with terrible music. I’ve been telling my friends, you haven’t lived until you’ve talked about twinks with the CDC.

I heard in one of those early meetings that the contact tracers had reported back and they said, ‘These are the most cooperative people we’ve ever worked with — we have people giving us their entire itineraries and the names and phone numbers of everybody that were in their house.'”— New York City-based tech data scientist-turned-amateur COVID-19 watcher Michael Donnelly, whose observations about his own community’s COVID experiences in Provincetown, MA were integral in the CDC catching the trend early enough to take significant action.