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Haven’t We Always Suspected Rep. Mark Kirk Was a Homogay?

The “Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk is gay” rumors that professional politico outer Mike Rogers is pushing aren’t new, kiddos. Rogers, who says he has two sources from Kirk’s college days confirming his sexuality, and who claims Kirk outed himself to Rogers in 2004, was actually beat by Andy Martin, who tried taking the U.S. House seat Kirk now occupies. Remember the January smear campaign where Martin was running radio ads claiming Kirk “surrounded himself with homosexuals”?

Kirk’s sexuality is only news now because, despite a very gay-friendly voting record (yes ENDA! no to marriage bans!), he made the mistake of voting against adding the DADT amendment to the Pentagon’s spending bill — though he did vote for the spending bill after his colleagues overruled him and attached the compromised repeal to the bill anyway. It cost Kirk the endorsement of HRC and now, his private life.

But for Illinois’ larger Republican voting public, perhaps Kirk’s sexuality isn’t his real problem — but his “misstatements” about his military service, pulling a Richard Blumenthal.

Or you can combine the two and get Kirk, a Naval Reserve officer, in trouble under DADT?

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