Hawaii Signing Marriage Bill Today: Here’s the Schedule & Where to Watch Online

hawaiimapThis is it! After a loooooooong engagement, Hawaii’s finally getting the freedom to marry, two decades after couples filed the first lawsuit. (And really, in the context of the civil rights movement, 23 years is still kind of speedy.)

So here’s the plan, gays: Governor Neil Abercrombie will sign the bill at 10am Hawaii time. It’s an invite-only ceremony (ours must’ve gotten lost in the mail) but you can watch online via Hawaii News Now or on Ustream. Or if you live in Hawaii, it’ll be broadcast by public access and local news station on television, which is quaint.

And if you’re feeling particularly boisterous and want to rally, there will surely be lots of cheering crowds down by the Liliu Theater in Honolulu.

Once it’s signed, marriages start on December 2nd.

And then we’re all done, right? Well, not exactly. Our opponents have said they’ll file suit to try to stop the marriages, their Grinch fingers nervously drumming. Their chances of success are probably not very good, but it’s possible they’ll make a legal mess for a while as it all gets sorted out.

But for now, let’s just get to work planning some weddings. Here are some ideas for a Lilo and Stitch theme.