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  • Bertolucci

    A little gay money pumped into their sagging tourist economy could have helped clean up the island neighborhood slums- but that’s okay — they have their beloved Jesus and those nice Mormons who own so much of the islands and do so little for the islanders.


    Not only are they vile and ugly on the inside they all seem to be disgustingly morbidly obese………I hope they all choke on their celebratory hate filled cheese cakes……..

  • a

    one word: Boycott

  • kelehe

    Well, so much for our plans to visit Hawai’i next year. We’ll take our money to a more accepting island nation, like Jamaica.

  • bluenosedive

    @kelehe: LOL Jamaica….ha ha nice one.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    when can I vote on the Rights of slightly darker slanty eyed people?

  • Lamar

    I don’t know why they are so happy as if gays getting civil unions would have made the slightest difference in their personal lives.

  • Yet Another


    Thanks for the link but I’m sure Kelehe was being sarcastic.

  • adman

    I kind of prefer that religion is out of the closet as a force for greater evil. The fact that Jesus taught an immoral creed to spread chauvanism has never been easier to articulate complete with research and proof than now, what with “prosperity gospel” and such rackets. Kudos for failing to understand irony, pious breeders!

  • Devon

    Oh how I wish a well-placed meteor would have struck their little mini-Klan-rally.

    Nothing of value would be lost.

  • Mike

    Dear Hawaiian Haters,
    Congratulations. I’m sure baby Jesus is pleased over your victory. Thank you also for helping me narrow the list of possible honeymoon destinations. You just saved me thousands in airfare. :)

  • Jason Dancin'

    @Disgusted Gay American:
    How I so expected a fellow gay American to bring out some racist crap like that. You may not think it’s racist but it is. You’re judging people by their ethnic features. Yeah I get that you’re mad. I’m mad too. But if you start spewing the racism, you’re not any better than them. Bigotry is bigotry. Anger doesn’t make bigotry okay, no matter if it’s homophobic or racist.

    I’m disgusted AT my fellow gay American by that comment.

  • Wyatt

    Dear God,

    Please send these people their obligatory heart attacks and strokes earlier than expected. Thanks.

    Really? Can we just get rid of the church already? They molest, they oppress, they start wars…

    I’m done with it.

  • michael

    I like how this news comes literally 2 1/2 weeks before my vacation to Waikiki. I’m not going to cancel but I most certainly won’t be returning after this.

  • k6tmk6

    Sorry for another Nazi Germany reference, but if you ever needed to see the seeds of repressive government germinate then look no further than this story’s YouTube clip. Disgusting! If this were 70 years earlier they’d all be chanting “Sterben Juden!”

  • Annoyed with Ignorance

    @WYATT LMFAO. Perhaps, just perhaps, Dawkins had a point on the problem that is organized Religion. The same hand that feeds the poor and shelters (some of the) disadvantaged people openly encourages discrimination and hate. Every step forward by society has, in some way, been hindered or delayed by some religious group or another.

  • Ron

    Watching this is beyond sad. You’d think they all just won the lottery or news came that a meteorite the size of Texas headed towards Earth was successfully blown up.

    I am tired of being sad though, I am beyond angry and I think it’s all time all GLBT folk get angry.

    REMEMBER and VOTE!!!

  • Dan

    Hey, didn’t the rightwing nutball preachers say that gay people cause hurricanes and floods, so forth and so on?!

    If only that were true, ’cause Hawaii has active volcanoes!

    Everyone concentrate together… :D

  • Greg Theron

    No wonder I found Hawaii boring. There were “no gays” there. Hawaii sucks ass anyways.

  • Queer Supremacist

    We were better off with only 48 states anyway. The stars on the flag could be symmetrically organized.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Jason Dancin’: Save your pious preaching for someone attacking innocent people because of their race/ethnicity/etc. It’s not bigotry when it’s against people who have done something to deserve it.

    Fat sacks of crap. This is what I think about when I think unsexy thoughts.

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