HBO Orders Comedy About Gay Friends From “Brothers And Sisters” Creator David Marshall Grant

HBO has picked up a comedy pilot about three thirtysomething gay friends in San Francisco, created by David Marshall Grant (Brothers and Sisters) and Sarah Condon (Bored to Death)

Michael Lannan (Remember Me) penned the script, based on a feature screenplay he wrote, with Weekend writer-director Andrew Haigh directing the pilot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The comedy marks Lannan’s first major writing credit. His résumé also includes writing, directing and producing the 2009 short Lorimer, Sons of Anarchy, serving as an assistant producer on Rubicon, and as an AD on Nurse Jackie.

The untitled series has no cast attached, but we’d like to see Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies), Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) and Luke McDonald (Brothers and Sisters) star. They’re all available—or will soon be.

Who would you cast?


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  • viveutvivas

    It is kind of unfortunate how we have developed a kind of two-track culture in this country as far as television is concerned. One the one hand you have the privileged who can pay for these expensive cable channels and talk about all those quality shows among themselves, and on the other hand there’s the rest of us, the regular people who never get to see these shows, unless and until maybe some day they come out in syndication.

  • John Doe

    @viveutvivas: But NOM says that all gays are wealthy.

    Sometimes these shows can be found on Netflix (1 – 5 years later) or on that channel’s website. Not always though. You make a good point.

  • jim Messenger

    I’m not afraid of a two track culture.. It will trickle down.. Yes it has to be like this because it is… For now. Let us remember how it was 20 yrs ago.. I do.. I left Canada in 1993 after having been chased down by police and mass riots against police brutality and the birth of ACTUP and Queer Nation in Quebec… I returned on the day my friends Grag and Lance got married……That was in 2009.. Not bad. Now our LGBT community is stronger and more settled. We have ILGA and other organizations… and we are doign better.. Let us b be heroic and ever vigilant.

  • cut2deep

    If this show is set in SF, and they DON’T have a single series regular who is an Asian American, I will be PISSED.

  • JDJase

    Uh, Luke McDonald? I believe you mean Luke Macfarlane…


  • hudson

    @cut2deep: how about Bobby Lee (formerly of MAD TV). he’s hilarious!!.

  • bloomsburyboy

    Brothers & Sisters was created by Jon Robin Baitz. Grant was a producer and writer, but not the creator. The correct title uses an ampersand, not “and” (though I’ll give you a break on that one assuming you’re trying to follow some misguided style rule). Plus, I’m seconding the above comment about Luke Macfarlane.

    That’s at least three errors in a story you basically copied from another site. It’s called IMDB – use it. Or quit trying to be an entertainment journalist and leave the job for those of us who could actually do it, thanks.

  • Acep

    I’ll give this show 2 seasons.

    I’m getting so sick of these gay-centric tv shows. They basically are carbon copies of each other.

    Brother & Sisters was kind of cheesy with a weak storyline. Seriously, i’m sick of watching the troubles of wealthy people. ugh.

  • deacon

    I noticed none of the actors you mentioned were men of color but that’s surprising being that when it comes to casting men of color are rarely mentioned…..how about Matthew St. Patrick.

  • Niall

    Omg yes to Lee Pace, where’s he been anyways? Though I’m not sure why you’d want Jack McBrayer, he seems odd for a show like this.

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