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  • mylilpip

    this sounds about right

  • John Vallis

    Well a Prince is almost a queen

  • Tallskin

    Making any comparison to this little ponce and a lesbian is outrageously offensive to lesbians.

  • Jonathan

    Fuck the haters.

    Prince will have you stroking his pubic hair before you can say “1999”.

  • Bruno

    Funny stuff. But if he’s a lesbian, we shouldn’t allow him to get married to a woman.

  • AlanInSLC


    I find him repulsive, especially any idea of him sexually. The only hair i’d be stoking is my own while pulling my hair back to vomit.

  • sal

    @AlanInSLC: lol lol

  • gurlene

    @AlanInSLC: Though a bit too harsh for me to agree totally I must say I have NEVER tried to picture him naked. Not even back in the day when he was forever showing the crack of his ass to the world.

    Prince looks just as lonely now as he did back when he was making DAMN GOOD music. Luckily for all of us he stuck to what he does best and never had to resort to NO types of controversy to sell his music.

    He is still able to sell out concert halls in a matter of minutes. For a rocker his age he deserves bragging rights to that feat.

  • boricuachick

    “He looked at me like a gay woman would look at another woman.”
    OMG, there’s a SPECIAL way that gay woman look at other women? Well, heck, I must have overlooked that section in the manual. What page is it on? I don’t want to have to give back my toaster. LOL.

  • Queerky

    The artist formerly known as a gender-bender, then straight, then bisexual, then gay, npw a lesbian. Heck let’s just complete the circle: Prince is a hetrosexual female.

  • disco3000

    How does Wendy know how gay women look at her? Unless she’s a gay woman herself?! Actually, come to think of it…Wendy AND Lisa. Mmmmm, sounds a bit suss.

  • Ladd


    Wendy and Lisa have been together for YEARS….maybe even since they were in the Revolution.

  • Alexa

    @Ladd: Since BEFORE they were in the Revolution.

    I wonder what they think of Prince’s current homophobic mindset.

  • TANK

    I think he wears lifts in his shoes like cruise. Who cares what this ventriloquist dummy has to say about teh gays.

  • strumpetwindsock

    He’s certainly not the most whacked out artist living in the world, and there are dead ones who would make him look like a prude.

    His music is fabulous and it stands on its own.

    If we start vetting all our artists to make sure their politics are squeaky clean we’d all be sitting down to a stirring operatic performance of “The Workers’ Commune Rejoice At The Announcement of The Fifth Four-Year Plan”.

    Reeeeal sexy.

    And besides, he’s certainly not the most scandalous or hateful thing in the original article.

  • TANK

    strumpet is a voice of a generation…that likes to ignore the problems of the world…and watch television. Complacent, not realistic. Big difference.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Actually I was specifically thinking about queer fascists like Yukio Mishima and Salvador Dali, but I could also add libertarian nihilists like de Sade (not a great artist, but a revolutionary thinker), and any number of badly-behaved artists who nonetheless produced beautiful work –
    Jackson Pollock, Wolfgang Mozart, Nina Simone, Charlie Parker, Ludwig Beethoven, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison..
    I could go on, but I hope I have made my point.

    Too bad about his personal beliefs, but Prince still rocks. I can’t help but admit that.

    And you got me, I do have a TV, But no cable; just farmervision (antennae, for you city slickers). So unfortunately I miss out on all those great American TV stations.

  • TANK

    Yeah, I don’t like prince’s musical output. It’s glorified pop that focuses on simple themes and does nothing to elevate them or the genre, or express them uniquely (you can say that about most pop performers, however). Perhaps you’re referring to his technical skill, but in the absence of doing anything unique with it, it’s impressive but uninspired.

    Anyway, that wasn’t my point. You’re a voice of a generation, strumpet! Prince rocks? Oy…some people think that yoko ono rocks, too. There’s no your taste vs. my taste, but taste; and it’s either good or bad. Or, more definitively, some have it and others lack it.

  • TANK


    And his technical skillz? C’mon…you listen aruther rubinstein play chopin, and nothing prince has ever done even compares to the technical acumen exhibited by him in playing someone else’s music.

    Further, Prince has made the fatal mistake of most narcissists who flock to those professions…he thinks of himself as somehow greater than the sum of his “artistic” (and I use the term loosely) output, and that everything he does and says is somehow interesting and worthy of listening to and printing. It’s embarrassing. A symptom of this is fashionable eccentricity…pained eccentricity that comes off as an overly contrived and clumsy act rather than an expression of any genuine character differences…or any original character at all, for that matter.

    Further, in the absence of any coherent personal beliefs that merit anything more than derision, he’s not distinguished himself as a competent thinker…or, really, anything to say that’s genuinely interesting.

    He’s a midget, too. FUCK PRINCE.

  • TANK


  • strumpetwindsock

    @TANK: @TANK:
    I don’t mind at all that you don’t like Prince; people don’t have the same taste, and frankly I just think he makes great dance music.

    But you’re trying too hard.
    I don’t like country music because (with a few exceptions) I hate the sound and the message, and it’s undanceable and annoying. I don’t feel I have to analyze it to death to justify something I feel. I just don’t like it.

    But it is interesting how the context can influence how you see music. I hated disco when it first came around. I hated the culture, the flash, the contrived dancing and the superficiality.

    When disco soul came back I found I could appreciate some of the songs that were actually very good – probably only because disco culture has been long dead with a stake driven into its heart.

    So who knows? You might decide you love him when the Prince Revival comes around again. Never say never.

  • TANK

    Never. I’m not trying too hard. It’s effortless when you’ve got taste.

  • michael

    I could care less where he sticks that nasty thing of his. Physically is troll, icky, dirty looking hell just plain ugly and always has been. The straights can have him. I liked his music in the 80’s but I hated having to watch him prance around with his shirt off, he was always a major boner killer.

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