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He Walked Into a D.C. Building for a Sex Party. Then His Head Hit a Metal Pipe and He Died


Know what’s a terrible way to leave an all-night sex party? Dead.

If you’ve never been to one of these events, picture this: a hotel suite or private residence at an address provided only by invitation, where men are instructed to disrobe before entering, and amenities like towels, lubrication, and condoms are offered complimentary (though sometimes an admission fee is charged). And no, you may not bring your iPhone (and its camera) inside. (UPDATE: Or not. This is a sex party unlike we’ve ever been to.)

Such was the setting late Saturday night (okay, it was early Sunday morning) when members of a group called “”Men’s Parties” (or “Men’s Party”) gathered in a building near Logan Circle in Washington D.C. Things went awry for at least one unnamed individual, who the party’s organizer, “David,” believes accidentally fell on a cement floor and hit his head on “a metal pipe or a brick wall.” After conducting an autopsy, police also agree the man’s death was accidental.

Interestingly, this is not the first mishap at the three-story venue. The address, 1618 14th St., N.W., which is also used by a group called “Jack Off Enthusiasts of Washington and Baltimore,” is also the scene of a 2005 post-Pride fire, caused when a candle ignited a … mattress.

Since the address is zoned as residential, the building wasn’t subjected to fire inspections. However, in a story about the man’s death on Sunday, party organizer David keeps refers to his “employees.”

(For what it’s worth, David says the cops on the scene were “respectful.” Hallelujah?)

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