Head Of Scotland’s Catholic Church Promises More Money For Fight Against Gay Marriage

The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland will “meet any cost” to fight marriage equality, declared Cardinal Keith O’Brien in the Sunday Times.

O’Brien, the most senior Catholic in Scotland, is pledging to spend another £100,000 (about $154,000) to campaign against same-sex marriage in the country, including bus ads, billboards and commercials. That’s on top of the £50,000 it’s already spent.

“Marriage is under threat and politicians need to know the Catholic Church will bear any burden and meet any cost in its defense,” fumed O’Brien, who once called marriage equality a “grotesque subversion.” He further claimed the Scottish government would face an “unprecedented backlash” for backing the measure.

More than 70 members of Scottish Parliament have said they’ll vote for equal marriage, compared to 9 are against it.

In the past, O’Brien called same-sex relationships “demonstrably harmful” and claimed introducing gay marriage is akin to legalizing slavery.

The pro-equal-marriage group Equality Network called O’Brien’s announcement “aggressive, undemocratic and unchristian,” and said the church “should have better things to do,” what with the global economy in such shambles. “We know that two-thirds of Scots, and a majority of Scottish Catholics, support same-sex marriage,” said Tom French, the nonprofit’s policy coordinator. “We trust that the Scottish Government will make its decision based on democratic principles and the evidence, and not who can spend the most money.”

Only if the Scottish government doesn’t work like the American government, Tom.

Photo: Gavin Scott