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The head of production for Falcon Studios just made a big, head-scratchy Pride announcement

We’re sure there were only good intentions behind Falcon Studios’ new head of production Nick Fitt’s recent Pride proclamation, but he might have wanted to run the language by a few people before hitting ‘Tweet.’

Fitt, who is also a seasoned performer, took on the role of head of production at Falcon earlier this year. On Monday, he made a pretty big announcement about how he’d be tackling the gig.

“After #pride I FIRMLY support protecting our queer spaces,” he wrote. “I am in a role that can make a difference: No longer will I hire ‘Gay for Pay’ entertainers to play the role of gay/bi models. I heard you loud and clear this weekend. Gay models should be in gay roles. #gayforgay.”

It isn’t entirely clear who Fitt “heard loud and clear this weekend,” but it was West Hollywood Pride so perhaps there was a spirited debate about what the gay adult industry should be doing differently.

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It’s no secret that “gay for pay” performers have been a staple in the business, but how exactly a potential ban on the practice would be enforced does raise a few a few questions.

Judging by this followup tweet Fitt posted the next day, he may have jumped the gun just a bit.

“All my personal opinions on this matter reflect my personal beliefs and core values and do not represent any position of any company that I work with/for,” he wrote.

“How does this reply work with the original tweet? Seems like this cancels out the original tweet,” responded one commenter.

Honestly, we’d love to hear the answer as well.

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