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HEADLINES: Ang Lee, Aiding Prostitutes, Hong Kong


AUSSIE ADVOCACY Famous Australian gays (including Matthew Mitcham!) are teaming for a new campaign called This Is Oz, “an online photo gallery where participants can upload pictures of themselves with messages that challenge homophobia or celebrate diversity and social inclusion.” [Generation Q]

PROSTITUTE SUPPORT An organization offering aid to Canada’s male prostitutes? [Edmonton Sun]

TAKING WOODSTOCK Director Ang Lee hits Cannes with gay-tinged Taking Woodstock, but what chance does it have in taking the Palme d’Or? [Times Online]

HONG KONG Members of more than 20 groups used International Day Against Homophobia to march to government headquarters to demand more protections for queers. [The Standard]

“OTHER” ISSUES Exhausted fighting for same-sex marriage? Try one of these other important-to-gays issues. [Campus Progress]

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  • Dabq

    The campus progress article was great, there are a whole lot of issues facing the glbt community that need adressing.

  • Helen

    @Dabq: agreed, good article. The community has a lot on its plate.

  • Stitch

    I can’t believe Queerty didn’t mention repealing DADT or DOMA, or marriage equality once in this whole post! I mean, they must be selling us down the river by not talking about it at every turn! Cowards. They take the advertising dollars we generate for them by reading this site, but once the checks clear, we get thrown under the bus. I bet they won’t talk about these penultimate issues when they write about other things, too. As usual, no one is paying any attention to us. Because we’re the only constituency here, and we can reasonably expect to be catered to, no matter the political consequences, competing concerns and true complexity of what we see as simple but necessary changes. Oh, and you’re either with us, or you’re against us, because that mentality worked so well for the previous president.

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