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HEADLINES: Boy Toy Zac Efron Mounts Top of Box Office


MOVIES Zac Efron beats the box office, with twink fare 17 Again scoring the No. 1 spot with a $24 million take. That kills “best B-movie star” and Queerty obsession Jason Statham’s $6.5 million opener for Crank 2. [The Numbers]

TWO STRIKES Gay and disabled? God must hate you. But not the folks hosting a symposium looking at the unique challenges of disabled folks who are members of other communities. [Bay Windows]

SILENCE IS GOLDEN Secretary of Education Arne Duncan weighs in on Friday’s Day of Silence: “Through these painful remembrances, we must all acknowledge our collective role and responsibility in preventing student deaths and ensuring that our schools and universities remain safe havens of learning.” []

EROTICA Former soap actor and Playgirl OMFG model Marcus Patrick will, along with out basketball player Mike Survillion, co-host the 3rd Annual Blatino Erotica Awards. It’s like the GayVNs, but recognizes men of color. Michael Lucas should totally go! [Blatino Oasis]

BIGOTS Another tool in Iowa hopes to use gay marriage as a platform to wind up in the Governor’s Mansion. [WHOTV]

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