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HEADLINES: Caster Semenya’s Girly Makeover … Annie Leibovitz Is F’d

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• South Africa’s “Is she a he?” track star Caster Semenya gets a magazine make-over in You, just in time to turn her masculine image around as she awaits the results of those gender tests.

• Filming BearCity, the bear version of Sex and the City, takes just two weeks and does not feature Kim Cattrall.

• It can’t be fun to be transgender and Muslim in Malaysia, where your federal ID card shows you’re one sex while your appearance suggests another — leading to regular job discrimination. And, to some, no other career but hooking.

• Could Obama’s post-Burris U.S. Senate replacement actually be a bigger equal rights advocate than the man who left it to become president? Alexi Giannoulias, currently Illinois’ treasurer, would like you to believe it.

• Photographer Annie Leibovitz has, like, the next five minutes to pay up on a $24 million loan or she’s gonna get sued out the A.

• Despite that vote, ELCA presiding bishop Rev. Mark S. Hanson doesn’t want the dialogue about gays and the church to end.


• Jeff Crowley, director of the Office of National AIDS Policy at the White House, speaking at the 2009 National HIV Prevention conference in Atlanta about PrEp drugs, which can limit the risk of HIV infection: “There is a high risk for demagoguery about this issue. My nightmare is the cable talk shows saying, this is just another way to let irresponsible homosexuals have more sex.”

• The gays think America is going to hell in a hand basket slower than heteros.

• If Washington voters vote no on Referendum 71 and kill the state’s “everything but marriage” law, it’s not just gays who suffer, but elderly straight couples in domestic partnerships. Maybe it’s time to brand the law around them?

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