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HEADLINES: Europe Loves Shirtless Obama, Prejean’s New Gig, Aging Gays


MR. PRESIDENT Americans found the Washingtonian‘s shirtless Obama cover offensive. Europeans loved it. [NYT]

THE THEATRE Tony Kushner’s new play The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures debuts, showcasing three Italian-American siblings (two gay!) in Brooklyn. [On Top]

BOOBS Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez denies a $15 government-made cell phone named “Vergatario” is supposed to mean “great dick.” [Guardian]

CAREERS Miss California Carrie Prejean’s new gig: Fox News morning show guest host. [U.S. News]

THE ‘LESBIAN’ PARTY Doyle Webb, chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, acknowledges he invoked openly gay Rep. Kathy Webb (unrelated) to describe the differences between his party and the family-hating Democrats. Rep. Webb responds: “I would be happy to meet with him and share my thoughts about family values and a little background about my life.” [Arkansas Times]

AGING GAYS Some gay folks didn’t expect to live past 40. So now that they’re middle aged and older, where are they supposed to hang out? [Philly Gay News]

REPORT CARDS The Human Rights Campaign and Gay and Lesbian Medical Association release the Healthcare Equality Index 2009, an annual ranking of more than 150 healthcare facilities and how they treat GLBTs. [HRC]

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  • Michael W.

    I knew that bitch would end up working at Fox News. She had “dull, dimwitted, rightwing Fox blonde” written all over her.

  • Zakakaka

    Nothing sadder than an old queen who behaves as a twink…

  • John

    is ZAKAKAKA talking about Obama’s shirtless magazine cover? I agree.

  • John Santos

    The article from Philly Gay News is very sobering. I hope Queerty readers take the time to read it.

  • Chitown Kev

    @John Santos

    I actually did read that article and I had to fight back a few tears.

    I mean, not all of us are going to find that special someone and get married and “live happily ever after.” And even those of us that do don’t know when that person might be taken away.

    And the discrimination and bigotry doesn’t change as you get older if you’re LGBT. Hospitals can still refuse to takae care of you, nursing homes will treat you like shit. I know we have begun to take steps as a community to care for the older members of our community who paved the way for the steps that we are now walking. But we have so much more to do.

    And I kinda feel as if we owe it to them, but again, maybe that’s just me and my sentimental self.

  • John Santos

    And I kinda feel as if we owe it to them, but again, maybe that’s just me and my sentimental self.

    No, it’s not just you, Chitown Kev. If all gay men took even one day a week to do something for older LGBTQ’s, we’d all be better for it. Too many of us are so wrapped up in the ridiculous minutiae that life throws at us, that we forget there are people who paved the way for us to be able to live relatively free today.

  • Tony

    To me Obama looks like a shirtless 47 year old lawyer cum lying homophobic political douchebag. Seriously, anyone who thinks he is “attractive” would not look twice if he took his shirt off in any gay bar except in a gay retirement home. Sorry. Just more of the “special” props Obama has gotten a good part of his life. Too bad “teh gays” don’t get any special props, other than on Bravo television.


  • Tony

    Personally, I find the picture of any lying bastard who took my time and money and repeatedly slapped me in the face offensive, especially if the guy is a very average looking pen pusher pushing 50.

  • Tony

    “Obama is a lying homophobic douchebag, but he is my lying homophobic douchebag.”


  • Tony

    Obama’s breasts could inspire a new single by Destiny’s Child called “Saggilicious”. Seriously, could they hang any lower?!?!

    Oh that’s right, Destiny’s Child expired along with Obama’s support of the LGBT Community. That was so 1998.

  • afrolito

    Obama is way HOT…i’m with the euros!

  • jjm16

    @Michael W.:

    lol, i totally saw it coming form day one too! though i hate to compliment the dumbass, her hair is quite well done up for FOX news standards and she doesn’t wear shoulderpads or pearls… yet. dundundun! she does look fittingly matriarchal-waspy, for some reason, lmao

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