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HEADLINES: Girls Brawl at Chicago Gay Bar


CHICAGO BRAWL This is not the set up for a joke: “Two Lake View neighborhood women ended a night of drinking and revelry at a Halsted Street gay bar [Roscoe’s] by getting arrested for battery and disorderly conduct after allegedly kicking a bartender, slapping a bouncer, dragging a man into the women’s restroom and interfering repeatedly with police.” And then there are charges of rape. [CBS2/STNG Wire]

CONNECTICUT It’s done. The State Assembly voted to update Connecticut’s marriage laws to conform with the State Supreme Court’s ruling that civil unions aren’t good enough for same-sex couples. The bill will hit Gov. Jodi Rell’s desk; she says she’ll sign it. [AP]

ON CAMPUS The pastors running Cornell University’s Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship demanded student Chris Donohoe step down from a leadership committee, which helps lead Bible studies, after coming out (and “accepting” his sexuality) and finding a boyfriend. That Chi Alpha receives university funds (paid out of student tuition) complicates things, since organizations are barred from discriminating against sexual orientation. [Cornell Sun]

GOD’S CHILDREN Supposedly representing the will of God, some leaders of the Episcopal Church have been exposed plotting to “compel the church’s moderate bishops to join with conservatives in opposing the ordination of open gays.” [Washington Blade]

LOL LAW Can Miss California Carrie Prejean sue the Miss USA pageant over religious discrimination? [Fox News]