News & Notes P.M.

HEADLINES: GOP Rename Dems, Aaron Schock, Jersey Marriage, Outrage Movie


REPUBLICANS More than a dozen GOP leaders are pressuring chairman Michael Steele to support a resolution that would request Democrats rename their own party the “Democrat Socialist Party.” [Who Runs Gov]


HOT POLITICOS Freshman Congressman and Gay marriage and abortion opponent Aaron Schock, 27, isn’t gay! He just looks like it. [Details]

NEW JERSEY Latest Quinnipiac poll: 49 percent of those polled support gay marriage; 43 percent opposed. []

PAGEANT SCANDAL No, not with that Prejean girl. This time it’s Miss Universe, and the debate isn’t over marriage, but whether one contestant is too thin for competition. [Jezebel]

TORTURE Dick Cheney’s daughter (and sister to gay gal Mary) Liz, a former Dept. of State official, says the United States’ use waterboarding with detainees isn’t torture, because our own Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Evasion (SERE) recruits went through it. [Think Progress]

MEDIA MOVES Southern Voice and David Atlanta publisher Kevin Hopper makes his exit. [PQA]


OUTRAGEOUS The idea behind OUTrage — the new doc exposing anti-gay Republican politicos who themselves are gay — came “in August 2006, two months before Mark Foley and a year before Larry Craig,” says director Kirby Dick. Meanwhile, there were at least 12 rumored folks who were left out of the film because the evidence wasn’t strong enough. Meaning: Sequel? [Movieline]

GAYS IN IRAQ Even if the U.S. government remains silent, at least one Western nation is paying attention to the slayings of Iraq’s gays. Australia’s government says: “Concerned by media reports that homosexual men have been the target of violence and extra-judicial killings in Iraq, officials in Canberra have raised these concerns with the Iraqi Ambassador to Australia [Ghanim Al Shibli].” That’s step one. [Star Observer]