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HEADLINES: Malcolm’s Bigot Preacher, Craigslist Sex, Drudge The Hero


PULPIT New York Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who once said gay marriage wouldn’t fly this year and now inherits Gov. David Paterson’s push, has a giant homophobe for a pastor. [NYT]

DRUGS Portugal legalized pot and cocaine, without the terrible side effects of increased addiction and HIV infection! [Time]

KRAMER V. YALE A dozen years ago, the Ivy League university refused Larry Kramer’s $7 million cheque to create a gay student center, and other offers for gay professorships. Then they took his brother Arthur’s money to create the the Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies. Then they shut it down. And now Kramer is Yale’s guest, denouncing the school’s homophobia. [The Daily Beast]

CRAIGSLIST Founder Craig Newmark has no plans to discontinue its adult listings section. See you there later, then? [Mediapost]


DRUDGE Is the closeted conservative headline writer actually a hero? He’s saving the lives of potential swine flu victims! [True Slant]

LIES Those lies about gay marriage legislation you’re hearing from your local homophobic religious leaders? Here’s why you shouldn’t believe a word. [People For The American Way]

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  • AJ

    What’s your point, Queerty?

    “He knows what my position is. I know what his position is,” Mr. Smith said. “He looks at it as a religious matter, and I look at it as a legal matter.”

  • vernonvanderbilt

    The link to the Kramer vs. Yale story links to a Queerty article about Neil Patrick Harris. Might wanna fix that.

  • Hal

    Yale’s reasons for not accepting Kramer’s money had nothing to do with homophobia and more to do with Kramer wanting to impose his vision of what gay studies should be onto the school. For better or worse, much of the gay and lesbian academia focuses its work on queer theory and gender, which Kramer is not a fan of. He believes the focus should be on gay history.I think your little summary is remarkably inaccurate.

  • Michael G.

    Larry Kramer is not only pissed about Yale shutting down the program endowed with his name, he is also pissed that the money his brother gave to Yale went to teach gender and queer theory courses instead of catering to gay history courses alone.

    In the speech he comes off as a bitter who makes questionable historical assertion based on his very loose definition and application of the term homosexual(ity) in his research (Kramer states that Bayard Rustin was assassinated and that George Washington was a mo.)

  • Michael G.

    Yikes, I meant to say “bitter gay” in my last post.

  • sparkle obama

    all right girls, don’t have a “gay panic”:

    >>And in discussing his differences on the issue with Mr. Flake, Mr. Smith likened his support of gay rights to former Gov. Mario Cuomo’s support for abortion rights even though Mr. Cuomo is Catholic and the Vatican opposes the practice. “I’m in office to do what I think is right,” he said.
    Ultimately, Mr. Flake said, the decision to support same-sex marriage and the consequences that decision may produce belong to Mr. Smith. “I told him he has to live with his conscience,” Mr. Flake said.<<

  • GranDiva

    The summary is not inaccurate, it is very clearly representative of what Kramer said. His interpretation of what Yale id is what’s problematic, as you suggest, but it’s not Queerty that’s at fault for that.

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