HEADLINES: Obama Smart To Deny Gay Marriage?, Rabbis Who Don’t Hate Gays

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.

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• The Gossip’s Beth Ditto gives Obama a pat on the back for not backing gay marriage. Then again, Ms. Ditty believes marriage is for fools: “I think that [Obama] is smart and he’s playing the field and taking… I mean, health care is more important than marriage, because marriage is stupid anyway.”

• A British male inmate who identifies as a transgender female, and who’s serving life for manslaughter and attempted rape, has been granted a transfer to a female prison after an arduous court battle.

• It helps to own the media if you’re Italy’s Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi. His family’s newspaper Il Giornale, headed by Vittorio Feltri, has been “smearing” Dino Boffo, editor of Avvenire (the paper for the Italian Bishops Conference) with accusations of being a big homo — a charge Boffo denies. But the media assault “violated my life,” says Boffo, and forced him to step down.


• We really enjoyed this pair of pieces: Tablet‘s profile of Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, the Jewish Orthodox leader in Washington D.C. who sups with power brokers and doesn’t hate the homos, but still thinks their “lifestyles” are wrong; and the Times‘ profile of Rabbi Margaret Moers Wenig (pictured), a lesbian rabbi who’s blown a few Jewish minds that assume temple leaders must be straight and male.

• The problem with drugs abuse and the gays is that … we don’t understand what a healthy lifestyle is?

• Why are New Jersey’s conservative Roman Catholics, spearheading a campaign against same-sex marriage there, so lax in their own tradition of staying the course on social issues? They’re launching a full blown campaign against gay marriage, and yet they’re denouncing Obama’s universal health care plan (abortion! scary!) … because they won’t promote liberal issues at all? Religious Dispatches: “Instead of proudly stating the Catholic tradition on universal health care and then demanding that abortion be excluded from public option benefits, the Catholic bishops have started from a place of opposition and, in so doing, failed to uphold a core social teaching of the Church.”

• A New York Assemblyman supports gay marriage. And he’s a Republican.