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HEADLINES: Robert Wone & Kevin Pravia Murders, Miss California, Oklahoma Cruising


ROBERT WONE The three defendants in Wone’s D.C. stabbing murder investigation claim prosecutors failed to preserve Wone’s BlackBerry data, which could have aided their defense, since emails were supposedly sent after investigators say Wone had died. Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, and Dylan Ward’s claims are bullshit, responds Assistant U.S. Attorney Glenn Kirschner. [Washington Blade]

DEFENSE Jeromie Cancel may mount an “extreme emotional disturbance” or “mental disease or defect” defense against charges he strangled 19-year-old Pace University student Kevin Pravia last year after the two snorted cocaine together. Cancel told police after the murder, “I was bored, so I decided to go back into the apartment and kill him.” [Gay City News]

REWRITING HISTORY As Maine debates marriage equality, Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Malone, who says the diocese supports Maine’s current domestic partnership bill, reimagines the history of marriage: “Marriage is not simply an economic compact. In nearly every culture, it’s a social institution with the primary purpose of ensuring that the next generation grows up in a secure, loving, balanced environment guided by both male and female parents.” [NYT]

MISS CALIFORNIA It’s not just Gavin Newsom coming to the defense of Miss California Carrie Prejean. Matt Lauer did it. Now Washington Post columnist, CNN’s Reliable Sources host, and gimmick boy Howie Kurtz is doing it. Meanwhile, Prejean claims Perez Hilton had a “hidden agenda.” [Gawker]


CURE THIS Hoping to keep the location a secret, the England’s “Sex and the City” psychology conference on curing gays instead hosts about a 100 protesters. [UK Gay News]

THEATRE IS GAY “No fewer than 10 productions currently in London’s West End feature gay themes or talent.” [Independent]

OKLAHOMA Police dedicate four days to a sting operation that nabs 16 fellas cruising for sex in a public park. They’re doing it for the kids! “Police admit they can’t physically stop the men from going to Hobie Point any more than they can stop prostitutes from frequenting areas along S Robinson.” [The Oklahoman]

ISRAEL Gays will get gay married at gay pride parade in gay Israel! None of it legally recognized, of course. [Haaretz]