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HEADLINES: Skewing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Data


Whaaaat? Supporters of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would dare manipulate survey data to fit their own purpose? [Pam’s House Blend]

• Open access to President Obama is a welcome change from the Bush administration, claim gay rights groups notorious for doing little with that access. [Detroit News]

• The gay Domino’s employees who filmed themselves engaging in disgusting acts with customers’ food have been charged with felonies. But their video has been watched more than 1 million times — do we smell a reality show? [NYT]


Smallville and American Idol alum Alan Ritchson guest stars on Head Case, playing (bless him) a male stripper. Watch. [Charmants]

• A South American ant species that has only females has been discovered by scientists. “The phenomenon takes the stress out of finding a mate and may help keep the peace in colonies, the scientists believe. … The findings run counter to scientific theories that say asexuality is an evolutionary disadvantage because it eliminates mutations and generates genetic diversity more slowly than sexual reproduction.” [Telegraph]

Anderson Cooper: “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging.” [Gawker]