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HEADLINES: The Eagle’s Rally Cry … Will Levi Johnston Expose Front Or Back? … Debunking ENDA Myths

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.


• Hundreds turned out yesterday to protest the police raid of Atlanta leather bar The Eagle, where cops reportedly used gay slurs while forcing all 62 patrons to lie on the ground while they conducted background searches.

• Levi Johnston is thisclose to posing for Playgirl (a magazine that is, apparently, still published). The only lingering question: Show the booty or the balls?

NYT editorial: “In 29 states, it is still legal to fire workers for being gay.”

• On the hunt for whoever is tearing down posters promoting South Africa’s gay film festival.

• One of 15-year-old Steve Harmon’s two Michigan attackers will learn his fate after pleading guilty to assault.

• GLAAD has a new category of superlatives to hand out — for advertisers. The nominees are mostly insurance companies looking to capitalize on gays in relationships.

• Big surprise: Anti-gay bullying alive and well in Canadian schools.

• Jamaica’s gay activists aren’t having any of this “it wasn’t a homophobic attack” stuff from the police, re: John Terry.

• Zandile Blay breaks down VMA fashion.

• We’re kind of in love with this video remake for Electric Six’s “Gay Bar.” That’s all.

• ENDA’s opponents will throw all sorts of arguments against it. Let’s debunk them.

• Uruguay’s religious conservatives not so happy about that gay adoption thing.