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HEADLINES: Was There Gay Marriage in Ancient History?


NOAH’S THIRD ARC Despite cancellation, the series lives on in fan fiction! [Noah’s Arc Fan Fiction via Project Q Atlanta]

HISTORICAL GAY LOVERS Sorry to bust the bubble of ignorant same-sex marriage foes, but gay love isn’t anything new. And neither is this crazy idea that we’re trying to “redefine” marriage. Let’s go back to ancient Egypt and the origins of same-sex unions in Africa. [WOW]

EASTER BASHING At the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a gay couple claim a stall vendor for Mudgeeraba Spices and Curry Blends threw a pot of curry and a glass jar at them after refusing to let them sample a sauce. “No, it’s only for mums and dads,” the vendor reportedly said. “It’s only for people who have families. … I can discriminate against who I want – it’s my product. Now get lost.” [SX News]

FILM The new coming-of-gay-age flick Finding Me hits DVD this week. See the premiere photos. [TLA]

OPERATION: FALWELL Undercover at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, 21-year-old Brown University student (and new author) Kevin Roose explores the lives of Jesus freaks. Hint: They aren’t freaks. [Newsweek]

PARENTING A British mom was fined for harassment by text and voicemail — against her own estranged son. She’s been sending him homophobic texts ever since spotting the 16-year-old holding hands with another guy. One voicemail she left him: “I will get you, believe me, and you will get your head kicked in.” [BBC]