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HEADLINES: Where Is Matt Drudge Hiding?


DRUDGE The I-am-not-a-homosexual name behind The Drudge Report has become something of a recluse. Well, at least more so than he already is. For a guy who sets a huge portion of the news cycle, his reticence to interact with the media world is surprising. [New Republic]

LA VIDA LOHAN Split from girlfriend Samantha Ronson, supposedly “cash-strapped” Lindsay Lohan is drowning her sorrows in MEN MEN MEN! And pulling a Britney Spears, the starlet is spending too much time with a paparazzo in the bathroom. [Page Six]

GAY CURES This weekend in London, American “psychologists” who insist they can cure homosexuality will attend the conference “Sex and The City,” although they aren’t publicizing the event, and planned to keep its location secret, so you crazy activists would protest and picket. [UK Gay News]


UGANDA Newspaper Red Pepper prints names, faces, home addresses, places of employment, and relatives of suspected gay men in a “killer dossier.” It printed a similar listing in 2007. [BTB]

MARRIAGE LAWSUITS “A gay New Orleans couple has filed a lawsuit claiming their constitutional rights were violated when they were denied a marriage license. Kristoffer Bonilla and John Thomas Wray are asking a federal judge to strike down a state constitutional ban against same-sex marriage.” [AP]