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HEADLINES: Why Are Log Cabin Republicans In Such Despair?


WOOD ROT Why are Log Cabin Republicans in such dire straits? One theory: “Its credibility was shot.” [Gay Patriot]

SCHOOL A 14-year-old Chicago area student will be allowed to wear a rainbow wristband with the words “Rainbows are gay.” It took the ACLU to get Parkridge Elementary School to let eighth (?) grader Chris Quintanilla accessorize how he sees fit. Apparently there is this First Amendment thing even schools can’t trample on? [KPHO]

FAIL The National Organization for Marriage’s “Gathering Storm” ad wasn’t just pathetic, but it was the loudest rebuttal from conservatives on recent gay marriage successes, and that’s pathetic. [Frank Rich/NYT]

BLISS Young Australian couples eschewing religious wedding ceremonies for civil ones. []

CONFUSION A message sent to Iowa’s county recorders about how to move on Iowa’s same-sex marriage Supreme Court ruling leaves a few scratching their heads. [Des Moines Register]