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  • Darth Paul

    Why not a transgendered lady?

  • Thom

    Are they kidding? They’ve paired every other gay man on that show with a woman. Why stop now?

  • Brandon

    cuz i want to see him dance with a man! lol

    but he would probably be voted out pretty fast…..

  • CitizenGeek

    I’d like to see him paired with a man, but I can’t see it happening.

  • PatrickPatrick

    Eh. Stick him with a chick. I’m sure there are plenty of fag hags that he’d have a blast with. Most of the audience is straight, so it’s what will appeal to most of the audience.

    But if producers REALLY are considering a male partner, them I’m impressed and happy to hear we’ve made such progress where tv producers are actually sensitive to the feelings of gays over the majority — straights.

  • edwoody

    See, I did ballroom dancing for more than a decade. And even as a gay man, I can’t see any way two men could dance ballroom together without one of them taking the female role. There are certain steps that are mandatory, required steps and have to be done a certain way, and those ways are designed for one man and one woman. Which means one man is effectively playing a woman’s part. How do they decide who it is? Do they just swap places each week?

    Now, the latin dances (cha-cha, rumba, samba, jive, paso) I could see them working something out, since they’re not as regimented. But the modern dances (waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, tango, viennese), it would be very tricky.

    Plus, as Thom says, gay men have been dancing with women for aeons. I mean, it’s ballroom dancing for Christ’s sake, of course gay men have been there all along,. Just because there’s an openly gay man on the show, doesn’t mean they need to change that. Still, it would be an interesting experiment to try to work it out.

  • DK

    @EDWOODY. I don’t do ballroom dancing, so maybe I’m a little naive, but why should it matter which role they take? As you yourself said, the dance has heterosexism practically built into it. The more same-sex couples we get on that scene, the faster we can rectify that. Then again, something tells me the audience for this type of thing isn’t the most progressive in the world…

  • Snoodle

    As long as his dance partner is fully capable of supporting him in all the lifts and things (so’s they’re not limited in the moves they can do) I’d say go for a male/male pair :D That’d keep me and the rest of my gal’s more interested I gotta say ;) !!

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