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This ‘Heartstopper’ news has officially sent fans into a frenzy

The sugary sweet gay teen romance series Heartstopper has quickly become a sensation, launching multiple cast members to stardom and earning itself two more season orders at once.

Though the show took streaming by storm just earlier this year, it seems the future installments may not be too far off. In fact, most fans suspect that filming for the second season has just begun.

After all, the cast is dropping major hints that they’re back together.

Corinna Brown quickly posted and deleted an Insta story entry:

The picture features her and costar Yasmin Finney in their characters’ signature hairstyles.

Kizzy Edgell also posted a cheeky tweet about a castmate:

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Also serving as evidence is the world’s blurriest TikTok allegedly showing a scene being filmed.

Naturally, the dedicated stans of Heartstopper have had their hearts suitably stopped:

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As excited as fans are for the second season, many are also anxious to see how the more serious plotlines and themes from the comics are going to play out on the screen.

Kit Connor will have a lot more screen-time with his character Nick Nelson as an out and proud bisexual, while Joe Locke has his work cut out for him with Charlie Spring’s upcoming dramatic storylines.

Heavy material notwithstanding, it’s clear the girls are set and ready to stream.

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