‘Heartstopper’s’ Joe Locke gets a surprise shout-out at a concert and the crowd goes wild

Joe Locke’s turn as gay teen Charlie Spring in Netflix‘s wildfire success Heartstopper has touched plenty of hearts across the globe, and at a recent concert he got to feel the appreciation firsthand.

“Bang Bang” singer Jessie J stopped her show in Douglas, Isle of Man on Saturday to thank the actor for his inspiring work:

The singer decided not delve too deeply into the details, instead leaving the sentiment at appreciation for his “helping someone really close to [her].”

The two went on to have a cute little interaction in their Instagram stories, with Locke calling Jessie J the “best vocalist alive.”

Fans took to social media to say how proud they are of Locke’s sudden rise and to reiterate just how many people his role has helped…

Locke’s ascent is made even more extraordinary by the fact that he is, like many of his fans, still in school. One fan made the difference in their school experiences perfectly clear:

Last week, Netflix announced Heartstopper had been renewed for a second and third season, after the show gained instant popularity when it premiered in April, landing among the top 10 English series on the streamer in just two days.

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