Heche Mama Makes Us Sick, Speak


It may surprise you to know, but we don’t really talk that much during the day. Sure, we answer the occassional phone call, or maybe strike up a short chat with the cutie barista down the way, but other than that not too many words cross our luscious lips. But when we read this article on a planned memoir by Nancy Heche (mama to once-lesbianic Anne) that employs and encourages many ex-gay tenants, we literally – and ironically – uttered, “Oh Lord.”

What brought on such a surprising linguistic expression? This:

[Nancy’s] husband Don Heche died of an AIDS related illness in 1983. “Don’s death took us to the depths of despair. It was the savage, sickening end of our beautiful, perfect Christian family. What could be worse?” she writes.

Yeah, what could be worse? Certainly not genocide. Definitely not famine. This bigot’s homo-husband dying of AIDS? The single worst thing that has happened in all of human history. Ever.