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  • Andrew

    Hate hate hate his singing. Blech!

  • Selena

    Love this guy.
    Brilliant voice. He’s definitely going to be successful.

  • adam

    love me.

  • Devis

    LOve love love his singing! Yeay! lol. This guy is just superb. Adam come out with your album quick. Can’t wit to get my hands on your album and watch you perform in world tours. You’re a true world wide star! All the best in your sensational and chart-toping career ahead!I can’t wait for you to surprise us with your album and make sure that all those people who “claim” that you wail but tend to watse their time google-ing your name just to throw in some nasty comments, withdraw all their thoughts.Rock on Adam! -MalaysianFan

  • jackie

    Adam is amzing, he is the Worl Idol already.

  • naprem

    I love him, really I do. But yikes, those pictures are gonna be scary in hi-def.

  • Alex

    Simply amazing. He’s a brilliant singer and I cannot wait for his album!! :)

  • linda

    Wow! He is so handsome, such a fabulous person, and an awesome singer. Love him!!!

  • alejandro

    #5! is he gonna throw up!!

  • danette

    All you nasty people who had mothers that taught you no manners listen up, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything!

    Adam you look great and love your voice!!

  • Sherry

    Drop dead gorgeous and talented beyond measure, this man must be from another planet.

  • Rachek

    #5 wth i does look like it aahhhhh poor adam!!!

  • curt wilde

    @adam: LOVE LOVE YOU :P

  • wtdp

    What a worldwide phenomonon this guy is going to be – it’s so exciting to see it from the beginning, love you hardcore Adam!

  • Jen

    Love him!! He looks gorgeous!

  • Undeniable

    For everyone who does not care for Adam.. there are a dozen that do.. deal with it!

  • Wry Bred

    Damned beautiful man.

  • Koko

    In my eyes, he’s the American Idol! I think AI should do a re-voting since it’s now widely known that a big bulk of votes are from Arkansas for whatshisname. It’s just not fair, Adam’s been robbed in broad daylight.

  • PhDude

    @Andrew: Adam’s album is outselling the other guys and 18 of his videos are in the top 40 on itunes. He is also # 1 on itunes with his duet with Kiss which has over 1 million youtube in a matter of days. We all know Adam should have won and with more information coming out about A T & T providing phones to Kris supporters and teaching them how to power text we all know yet another reason why the other guy “won”. Adam is AMAZING!

  • Sammi

    GOD!!! Will you ppl just give up already yes, adam is a great singer and guy and is oh so hot, But he wanted kris to win. I’m a massive adam fan myself but think of it this way: If adam was the winner, he’d be bound to the american idol contract!! We don’t want that for him. If he had that he wouldn’t be able to do his OWN thing as soon and he’d be stuck with american idol. And he doesn’t need the crown. We all know he’s like royalty to us ANYWAY so hat does he need american idol for???

  • Chris

    Keep The Music Playing babe. Love him

  • galefan2004

    @Chris: Ever notice that he has all but disappeared. The attention definitely left him once he stopped being a morbid curiosity. I’d rather hear nails on the chalk board than hear him hit a high note, so I don’t think he is actually going to go anywhere. He will get a record deal then a year later he will be released from that record deal and go off into the has been hall of fame of American Idol rejects to join people like Clay Aiken and Taylor Hicks. American Idol has produced 2-3 decent stars (Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Kelly Clarkson) in the entire period it has been on the air.

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