Heidi Glum: What RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Means to Me

Author: Deborah Nelson

Image credit: brightestyoungthings.com

Heidi Glüm was recently chosen by us as a girl we are gagging to see on the RuPaul’s Drag Race runway in Season 7. Heidi explains, in her own words, what being cast would mean to her:

[quote]Being cast on Ru Paul’s Drag Race would mean the world to me. I don’t have a G.E.D. or pretty much any work experience anymore. All I do is drag and I really want to take it as far as I can.

“I’ve had to re-build myself so many times, from starting out in NYC, to moving back to DC, to going through a divorce…I’ve had to pick myself up so many times and it’s been tough! It’s not easy doing drag out of a storage unit!! I hate it, but I’ve continued to work very hard to get where I am today. I’ve dealt with a lot of negativity and remained positive.

‘The show would take me to the next level, and I really feel like I’m ready for that, mentally, emotionally, physically! I have a great fan base and I really want to travel and meet everyone! Right now, due to budgetary restrictions, my ability to travel is more limited than I would like. There are so many places and faces I have yet to see. I try to keep up with all my fans via social media but I want to meet them in real life! I want to make more friends, fans, and do what I love! My friends who have been on the race are doing some incredible things. While I could be insanely jealous, instead I’m insanely happy for them. I’m working hard so that I can make my own dreams a reality. A reality television show![/quote]

Throughout her hardships, Heidi has served up positive and focused drag realness. Everyone knows Mama Ru loves a girl with a good attitude who knows how to werk!

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