Heinz Homos A-OK, Says Advertising Authority

So, remember Heinz’s “gay” commercial that caused that big stink, nearly gave Bill O’Reilly a coronary and ended up getting yanked? If not, we’ve included it above.

Anyway, Britain’s advertising authority announced today that they will not be investigating complaints:

The UK’s advertising regulator has decided not to investigate Heinz’s “male kiss” TV ad, despite 215 complaints from viewers that it was offensive and “inappropriate to see two men kissing”.

Heinz’s TV ad for its new Deli Mayo line, which features two men sharing a brief kiss, has caused an international furore after the food company decided to pull the ad off air after less than a week.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority said today that it will not launch a formal investigation into the complaints about the TV ad.

“The ASA council considered that while some viewers may have personal objections to any portrayal of same sex kissing there was nothing in the content of the advertisement what would constitute a breach of the advertising code,” said a spokesman for the ASA.

Despite this decision – and a petition pushing for the advert’s return – Heinz will not put the commercial back in circulation. Thankfully, YouTube keeps it alive. Three cheers for the internet!