Hell House Cometh


With Halloween right around the corner, everyone’s looking for a good scare. Well, then look no further than Hell House: the Christian-themed casa de horror that depicts exactly what happens to damned sinners. You know, the folk get down with people of the same gender (us), ravers (a condemnation with which agree) and the little sluts who get abortions (like this whore cheerleader).

Where once Hell House flourished in remote, primarily Christian areas, it gained more ground after its founder, Pastor Keenan Roberts of The New Destiny Christian Center in Colorado, sold the rights. Now the sinners on both coasts can enjoy a look into the frightening crystal ball of sin. Hoorah!

Hop on over to The Gothamist for their interview with Aaron Lemon-Strauss, the Executive Director of Les Freres Corbusier, which will be producing Hell House here in NYC.

That is, unless you’re too scared.