Hello, America, I’m Chloë Sevigny. And It Has Recently Come To My Attention That I’m A Transgender Assassin

Oscar nominee Chloë Sevigny is not one to shy away from challenging roles: From playing an HIV-infected teenager in Kids and an unwitting lesbian in Boys Don’t Cry to performing oral sex on Vincent Gallo in Brown Bunny and portraying unhinged sister wife Nicki in Big Love, the indie It Girl seems drawn to risky, non-Hollywood projects.

But this summer in DirectTV‘s new series Hit & Miss,  Sevigny may take her most unconventional role yet: A sultry contract killer who is secretly a pre-op trans woman.

Created by British screenwriter Paul Abbott, the man behind the original UK version of Shameless, Hit & Miss follows Mia (Sevigny), a hired gun who discovers from her dying ex-girlfriend that they had a son nearly a decade ago. Suddenly faced with becoming a parent, Mia must quickly figure out how to juggle her extremely dangerous job with PTA meetings and carpooling. Well, sort of.

Commissioned by the UK’s Sky Atlantic and filmed in Manchester, Hit & Miss may be one of the few television dramas to directly deal with transgender issues, but at the center is a universal story about love, family and discovering who you really are. Plus there’s lots of cool fights and guns.

When it came to playing Mia, Sevigny admits donning her prosthetic was an emotional—and physical—challenge: “I cried every day. I felt very exposed having people so close to [my] personal parts for an hour-and-a-half each day, to put it on,” “she told Culture magazine. “

Oh c’mon, Chloë—grow some balls.

Hit & Miss premieres July 11 at 10pm on DirecTV.

Photo: The Brooklyn Brothers