Hello, America, I’m Chloë Sevigny. And It Has Recently Come To My Attention That I’m A Transgender Assassin

Oscar nominee Chloë Sevigny is not one to shy away from challenging roles: From playing an HIV-infected teenager in Kids and an unwitting lesbian in Boys Don’t Cry to performing oral sex on Vincent Gallo in Brown Bunny and portraying unhinged sister wife Nicki in Big Love, the indie It Girl seems drawn to risky, non-Hollywood projects.

But this summer in DirectTV‘s new series Hit & Miss,  Sevigny may take her most unconventional role yet: A sultry contract killer who is secretly a pre-op trans woman.

Created by British screenwriter Paul Abbott, the man behind the original UK version of Shameless, Hit & Miss follows Mia (Sevigny), a hired gun who discovers from her dying ex-girlfriend that they had a son nearly a decade ago. Suddenly faced with becoming a parent, Mia must quickly figure out how to juggle her extremely dangerous job with PTA meetings and carpooling. Well, sort of.

Commissioned by the UK’s Sky Atlantic and filmed in Manchester, Hit & Miss may be one of the few television dramas to directly deal with transgender issues, but at the center is a universal story about love, family and discovering who you really are. Plus there’s lots of cool fights and guns.

When it came to playing Mia, Sevigny admits donning her prosthetic was an emotional—and physical—challenge: “I cried every day. I felt very exposed having people so close to [my] personal parts for an hour-and-a-half each day, to put it on,” “she told Culture magazine. “

Oh c’mon, Chloë—grow some balls.

Hit & Miss premieres July 11 at 10pm on DirecTV.

Photo: The Brooklyn Brothers

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  • Scott S.

    Why didn’t they call it “Tuck & Roll?”

  • bob

    seriously? an “unwitted” lesbian in Boys Don’t Cry? She played a woman in a relationship with a man. Queerty once again makes it clear they have no clue about trans issues.

  • n900mixalot

    @Scott S.: YES!!! YOU win the Internet today!!

  • Rebecca

    it seems to me like Sevigny now knows something of what disphoria feels like. it’s not fun. and i agree “Tuck and Roll” would be a very insulting and demeaning title to trans people, further alienating and othering us. Totally the way to go…

  • n900mixalot

    @Rebecca: ROFLCOPTER. Speak for yourself, dear. I find it to be hilarious. You are born with what you are given and if you want that badly to change it, then be strong and deal with it. Grow and learn from it.

    TUCK & ROLL ladies!!! Tuck and ROLL!!!

  • Rebecca

    @n900mixalot eh if you really wanted to go for transmysogynistic puns, one can do better than tuck and roll. i mean it’s that funny to me. not because i’m trans. just because you can do better than “Tuck and Roll.”

  • hamoboy

    Every time I read about trans and race issues on trashy gay news sites like this, I have more and more despair for people ever finding their way. Macho gay men will marginalize fem ones, white gay men will marginalize black ones, gay people will show a shocking lack of empathy to trans people. It’s like the last few decades of LGBT progress makes nearly no impact on you if you’re trans, non-white, poor, or god forbid, all three.

  • Olive Austin

    An hour-and-a-half to roll-up a sock?

  • Gauthier

    @n900mixalot: “ROFLCOPTER”? This is not the 4Chan boards circa 2005, you dumb troll. Go hang yourself. And if you really meant what you wrote, then you are an insensitive bastard.

  • Red Assault

    Oh good.

    Let’s make sure that people always think of trans women as psychotic murderers. Silence of the Lambs, Freebie and the Bean, this travesty…


  • tyson

    @hamoboy: the truest post i’ve ever read on this site.

  • Tadpolicus Wex

    Why doesn’t everybody just watch the show before jumping to the conclusion that a transgendered woman is perpetuating the stereotype of psychotic murderer…after watching the first two episodes you might come to the conclusion that I did – Mia is a transgendered woman who is ALSO a contract killer..raising childrens…that’s a helluva lot more nuanced than any other Hollywood depiction I’ve ever seen. Regardless of the questionable morality of actually BEING a contract killer, her character is a romantic hero that you secretly root for…it doesn’t matter what’s between her legs other than to her own personal identity. Grow up America.

  • Muffin6butt

    @Tadpolicus Wex:

    it’s obvious you don’t understand what it’s like to be trans and how hurtful these images and inaccurate depictions can be. have you seen the data on how many trans women are murdered? so now we go from murder victim to murderer, hardly a step in the right direction. i suggest you step into the shoes of a transwomen and you may begin to understand why so many of us have to shout just to be heard. why we cry every day, just because your a gay man does not mean you have the right to downplay the images. i speak for many trans women who have been intimidated into silence on this site.

  • Tadpolicus Wex

    @Muffin6butt: This isn’t a pissing contest. I fully understand EXACTLY how women across the world are brutally treated, tortured and murdered. Many of them are born with female genitalia, some are not – I fully accept and embrace that they are all nonetheless women. I find it insulting that you would stereotype all transwomen’s experiences…women are not monolithic, to assume so would be the epitome of misogyny. Why on Earth can’t a transwoman be a kickass assassin? Furthermore, you correctly assume that I am a gay man but what’s between my ears doesn’t happen to identify with either gender, I’m a human being.

  • Bianca Lynne

    @Muffin6butt: I fail to see how this show contributes to anti-trans violence. Seriously, I’m a politically active trans woman, and I see no use in the continual evocation of our dead every time there is something that may be vaguely kinda-sorta a little bit maybe anti-trans. The show has:

    1) A main character who is a trans woman
    2) She is not helpless
    3) She has children
    4) She is a lesbian or bi
    5) Her trans-status is not the focus for most of the plot

    Are films like “Kill Bill” anti-woman because they show a group of women assassins? Are they inherently promoting violence against women? Without seeing the series, how can you claim anything about harm. Potential harm, perhaps, but histrionics and emotive plays to trans murder rates seems a little cheep and hollow to me.

  • Guyinparis

    @Muffin6butt: someone has to say this at some point. I am personally exhausted at so called trans activists trying to turn everything into an issue. And the incessant victimhood and blaming gay men for every possible verbal slip up when it is nearly impossible to keep up,with what terminology the trans community finds acceptable, since it changes weekly, it’s simply exhausting. If I hear one more word about cisgender privilege, I may lose it. Cisgender isn’t a word, by the way, stop pretending you can just make up words.

    Right now, the people doing the most damage to trans people is trans activists. Personally, they lost all of my support when they complained about the passage of marriage in New York. Be part of the community or not, but this constant whining is doing no one any good, and is not endearing your cause to others.

    There someone had to say it.

  • Baird


    Wow, for real? While I agree that comment was offensive, “go hang yourself?” Don’t we have enough gay people (teens) getting found hanging in their closets without you making light of it? You just lost the moral high ground.

  • Clockwork


    Yea, your getting what you deserve and you speak for a shrinking group of transgenders.

    There has been an activist Kool-Aid being passed around ever since ENDA became an issue, and it has been made worse by many trans blogs that seek to blame other members of the GLBT collation.

    Welcome to South Park equality, where we all get made fun of to some degree.

  • chris

    @Scott S.: LOLOLOLLL

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