Lance Bass

Hello? Gay Internet? These 2 Are Not Dating


The photos of Lance Bass on holiday with Brazilian screenwriter Gustavo Marzolla that Queerty exclusively showed you last week? Some blogs wrongly assumed the pair were dating, and called Marzolla the new boyfriend of Bass. (We never said anything of the sort.) Now there’s a whole conspiracy theory about a “planted story” and how Marzolla “used Bass to generate buzz” Bass “used Marzolla to generate buzz.” We wish we had participated in such a scandal! Alas, there was no planted story. A friend of Marzolla shared the photos with Queerty; we published them. Chatty gossips took it from there. As far as we know, the pair are friendly.

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  • Jeffrey Bryan

    “Brazilian screenwriter”… really? He has no IMDB.

  • atdleft

    Whatever. I don’t really care. Leave Miss Lance alone. ;-)

  • Miley Crisis

    BOooooooooring. zzzzzzzzzz

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I wish Lance Bass would come out with a solo dance album. Screw the Nsync reunion because Justin will never do it.

    Nice abs he has going on.

    Music Videos – Rod Daily & Pat Bateman

  • Miles

    Queerty… you need to read the link you posted more carefully… it seems to say that LANCE BASS used Gustavo Marzolla to give buzz to Lance’s non-career. Not the other way around as you wrote… go back and read the MIB post. You got it backwards… Gustavo I am sure is the nice guy in all this…Lance must be feeding you gossip lol

  • me

    I think it’s hilarious that anyone (ie: the person who wrote the blog we were linked to) would think Lance would need to use some no-name to create buzz. Random buzz has surrounded him for the past several years, when he’s equally been doing a whole lot of nothing.

    If anything, it was this new “screenwriter” who used the one of the most famous single gays of Hollywood to generate buzz for himself. Which makes sense, but it seems silly to strike out at the one who just really appreciates hanging out with people who have nice abs.

  • Viktor

    Lance needs a real PR person…these body boys ads are tired and stereotypical.

    Can a famous Gay lend Lance a hand?

  • Steve

    He’s still hot, so suck it, bitches. I would.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Why do people post comments in articles they do not find interesting?

  • Pajvz

    You are all stupid and ignorants! Wanabana Ecuador?????!!!! Hahaha!
    No idea where the pics were taken at all, to start with.
    And the rest is all BS!

  • romel batallia

    i think they’re special friends so that they surf and swim each other in the cool beach’s so nice to do,goodluck.

  • Kirsten

    It look like at least one thing is true for straight and gay actors: they are often assumed to be dating people the aren’t. People should at least try to verify these couple claims before selling it to the media

  • michael

    How many consecutive days has this article been on Queerty’s front page? Is this a new source of revenue for you Queerty?

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