Help Dan Savage Transform Seattle City Hall Into The Most Beautiful Wedding Chapel Ever

On December 9, same-sex couples in Washington State will be able to marry for the first time. Above, Dan Savage and set designer Jennifer Zeyl explain their plan to have Seattle’s City Hall decked out with gorgeous and intimate wedding “hubs,” where couples can tie the knot with a little more pizazz than a municipal building usually provides.

Dan’s paper, The Stranger, already kicked in $2,000 and some amazing folk have  donated their art and labor—but they still need funds to rent platforms, podiums and other equipment.

So maybe instead of giving Cousin Irene’s brat that copy of Assassin’s Creed for Christmas, you toss a few shekels to couples who have been waiting years—in some cases, decades—to make it official. Just email to make a donation. You may not have been able to vote for marriage equality in Washington but you can help some gay couples there have a wedding for the ages.

And if you do live in Washington, and you want to get hitched on December 9, find out how here.