Interactive Video: Help a Drag Queen Become the Queen of Pride

last chance to be queen Mariette Moure interactive video
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‘Last Chance to be Queen’ is a fun and interactive music video where you, the viewer, get to make the decisions and change the lyrics and what happens in the next scene of the song.

The video features New York’s Mariette Moure, who is completely unprepared for Pride 2014 and needs your help to become the Queen. As you watch the video you will be prompted to quickly choose an option for the next scene, but try to be quick because if you don’t make the decision the video will continue with a random selection.

When prompted you will have eight seconds to make a decision…

last chance to be queen gif 01

Prepare yourself for some amazing lyrics…

last chance to be queen gif 02

Now it’s your turn… Try it for yourself and have fun!