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Help Find PFOX Chief Gregory Quinlan A Date!

Gregory Quinlan, the director of Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays, and the guy who identified Elena Kagan as an ex-gay, has been heterosessual for 19 years! But he’s still single, since his ex-lesbian wife divorced him. Sad! So in the interest of wanting everybody to be happy, let’s find Gregory a date!

Our last Queerty Dating Service effort didn’t end too successfully, but I’ve got higher hopes for this one. Gregory, shown here at National Organization for Marriage’s Rhode Island tour stop, lives in North Jersey, is gainfully employed, and cannot wait to invite over to his home a prospective lady friend for some home-cooked lasagna, an $18 bottle of cabernet, and an awkward few seconds of punching the remote control when LOGO comes on.

He only requires women to be “breathing,” so bonus point to Gregory for having a discerning eye.

[via BTB]