Help Mimi Imfurst Recover From a Devastating Robbery

“WORST NIGHT EVER. I got robbed. I had so much stolen from me. I am devastated and feeling so violated. I am trying to  not give up.” – Mimi Imufurst on August 26th via Facebook.

Mimi Imfurst Robbery

Sadly, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 contestant Mimi Imfurst’s car was robbed earlier this week, which she announced in the status quoted above. She also added a comment that said, “Thank you everyone for your support and words of encouragement. Luckily I am safe. Material possessions don’t have any REAL emotional value for me, so I’m going to be fine. Just gonna take some time to get myself back up and running.”

Now, thanks to one of Mimi’s longtime supporters, you can help her recover from this devastating event by donating to a GoFundMe campaign called ‘Help Mimi Recover From Robbery.’ Dale Wyatt, the campaign’s creator, added a touching letter to encourage donations:

[quote]”Hello Friends,

“On Tuesday, August 26th, my very close friend Mimi Imfurst was robbed. I have the pleasure of also knowing the other side of Mimi, Braden. The Incident happened in Philly while visiting a few friends. His car was parked across the street, once he returned to his car he noticed the damage, a smashed window. Instantly his world crumbled. He quickly realized that he had been robbed. He had been robbed of so many things, Cash, laptop, DJ equipment and his livelihood. He is left feeling violated and slowly trying to put his life back together after this. His life was on the laptop, new promo pictures, DJ library, unreleased music, song lyrics, scripts, along with much more.

“I am setting up this page to show him that even in the face of evil and unfairness, there is light and love. I want Mimi to feel loved, and supported and cared for- the same way she has done for so many throughout her life and career.

“I just can’t sit back and do nothing. Not when such a horrible thing happens to such a beautiful soul. If you are able to spare a $20 or even a $5, I would greatly appreciate it.

“Please be in touch, I’d love to hear from all of you. Be safe out there!

“In Deep Gratitude,


Please donate what you can.