Help ‘Out’ Out

Out‘s all about democracy. That’s why the monthly fag-rag’s asking you, their gay and well-informed readers, to nominate some peeps for their annual Out 100 issue:

The Out 100, our most important list of the year, is a subjective guide to the gay (and gay-friendly) men and women who in one way or another have inspired, intrigued, entertained, or taught us or otherwise captured our collective imagination over the past year. This year we are soliciting your feedback via If you have someone in mind whom you’d like to see featured in our Out 100 list–a politician, an artist, a scientist, a musician, for example–please submit your Out 100 nominee’s name, occupation, contact information, (when and if available; we doubt you have Mika’s home number, but you get the idea!) and your reason for nominating this person. We will include your nominations in our deliberation proceedings. Look for the final Out 100 list in the December 2007/January 2008 issue. Thanks!

We suggested ourselves. Out rolled its glossy eyes and ignored us. Oh well. Maybe next year.

On a related note – remember our super awesome coverage of last year’s Out 100? What a time we had!