HELP WANTED: Hillary Clinton’s Post-Cabinet Job Fair

With Hillary Clinton‘s tenure as Secretary of State drawing to a close, inquiring minds want to know, “What’s next, Hills?”

Now, Clinton has said time and time again she won’t run for president (or anything else) in 2016—most recently on Barbara Walters’ roundup of the year’s most fascinating people, where she said “I really don’t believe that that’s something I will do again.”

We just can’t bring ourselves to believe her, though. Hillary Clinton has worn many hats in her life—lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, Co-President of the United States, U.S. Senator, cabinet member— And she just goes from strength to strength.

In any case, Lady Clinton’s got a resume that could take her anywhere. But where will she go?

Click through for some suggestions for Hillary Clinton’s post-cabinet career path.


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  • 1EqualityUSA

    Scott Walker has a chance to slither back to Washington, should Kerry leave his Senate seat. I hope he loses again. He abused his power when he held his seat. He became one of the boys. I hope someone just as bright as Elizabeth Warren comes out of the woodwork and beats the pants off of him again. A Native American Indian would be fun. Chop, chop, Brown.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Scott Brown

  • Charli Girl

    Well let’s just hope folks have their eyes WIDE open like they did in this election,and block him at EVERY turn,,,,

    And why is everyone mentioning Hillary’s hair? Really ? Wtf does hair have to do how she performs her job? Ugh

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