Henry Rollins Has Some Advice For Conservatives Angry About DOMA Ruling

Henry-RollinsBad News for the Haters Dept.: You realize that all those obnoxious 16-year-olds you see everywhere, texting their friends who are standing next to them, will be able to vote in the 2016 elections. Do you think you will be able to sell them on your anti-gay/anti-woman/anti-brown/black platform? Do you think they want to end up like you? I bet they don’t. Gov. Bobby Jindal said that you all have to stop being the stupid party. I don’t think you can do it. How did equality become political? Because you can’t handle science, change or the truth. America is on the move, you are not.”


–Punk rock legend Henry Rollins, in an op-ed titled “Misguided Outrage Over DOMA’s Demise” in L.A. Weekly

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  • onahigh23

    If Henry Rollins was into dudes, he would be the perfect man.

  • 2eo

    I wish there was hundreds of thousands of copycat christian/islamic/jewish suicides like the one in France.

    That would be awesome.

  • Dixie Rect

    Punk rock legend? I think not.

  • Joe

    A perfect “straight man” for the Queerty set. works out to the point of boredom, has made a career out of pushing queer buttons since he slobbered next to Exene at the Venice Poetry Workshop.

    He does not need an extra “inch” of any kind. Please let’s not hear what Henry Rollins thinks about anything. Just another hasbeen media whore.

  • Bemoresocial

    How is he a hasbeen media whore? Is every celebrity who’s become a pundit or a mouthpiece to their charity or their political party or who’s become an author or a talkshow panel staple just a hasbeen media whore now? I’m pretty sure that’s most of if not all celebrities at this point. He’s got a lot of opinions, he’s a writer and public speaker- people pay good money to hear him speak and to have him on their shows to tell people about his opinions. When you speak ill of people for voicing their opions, you sound like a hateful, bitter shrew….just like I do right now. Isn’t it obnoxious?

  • Jackhoffsky

    @Joe: Yeah, he has had a pretty successful career outside Rollins Band (and previously Black Flag). He has toured extensively on many spoken word tours, still has an acting career going (Sons of Anarchy), and is quite involved with his activism.

    Plus, his speaking out like this (and to the swarms of people who still follow him) is a good thing. And if there is one thing that I refuse to do is scowl at people for being chivalrous. You don’t do that. I mean, you can do that for yourself and your world around you, but not to the gay community as a whole. As a collective we say “Thank you”. That is a personal opinion, of course…

  • boring

    Rollins’ earned his status.

    It’s just fucking weird seeing him grow old and grey.

  • Bemoresocial

    @boring: right? I guess that means…..oh crap, I’m getting old too. Most of my tattoos are a little hazier than they used to be…as is my…you know….that thing?…..MEMORY! My memory.

  • Homophile

    Ya let’s slap the hands that reach out to us.

    Some of y’all need a psychic enema to flush out all the bitterness.

  • MikeE

    @Bemoresocial: thank GOD you found the word.. I’ve been trying to… what is it again… umm.. dismember.. no, surrender… dammit… september, I’ve been trying to whatever that word for a week.

  • MK Ultra

    I’ve got advice for those right wingers ala Seinfeld.
    “Here’s to those who wish us well,
    those who don’t can go to HELL!”

  • balehead

    Wow! So much bullying against a straight allie….the jealous hateful wannabes are really toxic today!!

  • balehead

    Why so much hate?? Could it be once the gays get their equal rights they’ll discard the Democrats for getting them and vote Republican?….

  • MudgeBoy

    I really appreciate an ally who is willing to speak up for us. I love what he said and they way he said it.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I am amazed at the bashing of Rollins. He has been a long….long time friend to the gay community and outspoken as well. He does far more than showing up at some over priced chicken dinner award ceremony. He talks equality to the very audience we need.

    He is far from irrelevant. He has worked non-stop in multiple media outlets for 30 something years.

    Yet the biggest error in statements here is his Punk Rock legend status. There are few men (living) that could be considered a bigger legend in the punk movement than Henry. He is the male Patti Smith.

  • boring

    @Jack E. Jett: I’d say the male Patti Smith is John Doe from X, but I’ll accept Rollins in the role.

    ALTERNATE JOKE ANSWER: I’d say the male Patti Smith… Is Patti Smith.


  • vklortho

    @balehead: How has that been working for women and racial/ethnic minorities?

  • lab

    this site needs to change it’s name to “queenie” or bitchy queen…the claws come out about everything…gay supporters are not gay enough or famous enough or too old…and the photo series of young hotties always have the queens bitching they are not up to their high standards. and funniest of al is when this queeny bitchfest attacks the actual queens. no wonder gay people have problems…we are bitchy bitches who hate almost as much as the right wing nutjob christians

  • mjcc1987

    While I admire the statement and the sentiment behind it, the voting rights act was struck down. Prepare for even harsher voter restrictions and focused intensely on the young and minorities. 2016 they may be of age, but I suspect they won’t vote in sufficient numbers and 2014 will cement their exclusion from the voting booth. We know Democrats traditionally don’t show up to vote in off year elections.

  • Niall

    He’s got a huge point though. The GOP with it’s rigid and outdated views, just isn’t going to appeal to a lot of young and upcoming voters

  • Aaron

    Rollins has been a hero of mine since I heard my first Black Flag record at age 12. Is there any question as to why?

  • Jack E. Jett

    @Aaron: No question. Just a statement that you had excellent taste for a 12 year old. I have always thought the only thing wrong with Henry is that he is not in my bed every night. I had the opportunity to interview him once and I turned into a 12 year old school boy.

    So for those who have decided to bash him, to quote a viral video star….

  • SandezRey

    Punk Rock, for those of you who weren’t there, which is pretty much everyone under the age of 50, started in 1976. Punk rock legends would include the Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Dead Boys, Iggy Pop, The Pattie Smith Group, X-Ray Specs, The Stranglers and I suppose the Clash-tho they did sell out. It’s not an all inclusive list but Henry Rollins is nowhere near it. Black Flag was a second tier, second generation band that was more accurately described as “thrash” or “speed metal” than real punk. Black Flag got a lot of attention because by the time they came out the original punk wave was faltering and there was a vacuum in it’s wake. Saying Henry Rollins is a Punk Legend is like saying Burt Ward is a TV legend. It abuses the word ‘legend’ beyond recognition. Henry Rollins childish belief that the Republicans are stupid and hateful but the Democrats are not shows he’s no Punk. All the f#$%! Democrats who celebrated the demise of DOMA -all VOTED FOR IT and Democrat Clinton signed it into law. Anyone who buys into Republican=bad, Democrat=good is no Punk and a sucker to boot, but don’t expect me to argue with you because I won’t waste my time trying to wise up a chump.

  • boring

    Burt Ward IS a legend.

    And Punk started with The Residents, and will end with The Residents, natch.

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