Hercules’ Love Lives On, In Audio Form

DJ Andy Butler explains the mythological underpinnings of his recent aural collaboration, Hercules and Love Affair:

The name refers to the friendship between Hercules (who is called Heracles in Greek mythology) and Hylas, his trusty travel companion or his gay lover, depending on your point of view. Hylas’ beauty was so unparalleled that a water nymph kidnapped him.

Hercules was despondent, unable to continue his voyage with Jason and the Argonauts, and he wandered the island of Cios in search of Hylas.

“He stayed on the island, looking for his boyfriend,” Mr. Butler said. “I just thought this was super-beautiful: the strongest man on earth looking for his lost love, at his most vulnerable. Strong men can have strong feelings. And they can experience those feelings and experience pain and express pain – and be gay.”

It sort of hits you right in the here (pointing to our virtual heart).

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