Here’s A Homoerotic Military Dance Party Featuring Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom

matt lewis gay 3It was widely reported sometime last summer that Matthew Lewis, the English actor who played the goofy, semi-awkward Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series, had been treated pretty nicely by puberty and basically turned into a certified dreamboat overnight.

Standing in photos next to his former costars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Tom Felton in 2012, it was clear that Lewis was the Harry Potter beauty that came out on top. (Or bottom, depending on where things went after those photos were taken.)

Now 24, Lewis/Longbottom has landed a role on Bluestone 42, a BBC Three dramedy following a fictional bomb disposal squad deployed in Afghanistan.

Also, he is shirtless and rubbing up on other men:

matt lewis shirtless gay 11

matt lewis shirtless gay 2

matt lewis shirtless gay 7

matt lewis shirtless gay 10

matt lewis shirtless gay 5



h/t My New Plaid Pants

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  • NG22

    Should I go ahead and assume his character is gay?

    He’s superhot, but kinda looks like he’s on ecstasy. That final picture is crazy. What a transformation. But it’s not that surprising. A lot of cute kids look worse as adults (like Daniel Radcliffe and Haley Joel Osment), and a lot of unattractive kids get better-looking with time.

    Then there are the assholes who are born pretty and stay pretty.

  • Angelicus

    @NG22: Flexible (euphemism for gay/bisexual) seems to be the word that’s en vogue these days. Nonetheless, he certainly isn’t straight. I must say he certainly aged nicely and I’m anxious to see this particular scene. Looks hot.

  • BECQueerty

    Neville! Oh myyyyy!

  • brianmovie

    Fun story – gotta love the pictures. Thanks Queerty:)

  • Fitz

    Ugly Children (yes, I mean you), never give up!

  • SteveDenver

    “had been treated pretty nicely by puberty and basically turned into a certified dreamboat overnight”

    What an excellent turn-of-phrase. Congratulations Queerty on a charming piece of writing and excellent pictures.

  • ppp111

    I have to call you on that one. I think Daniel Radcliffe turned out nicely, much nicer than Haley Joel Osmont. As for Lewis, I remember seeing some pictures of him after the last Harry Potter and he turned out handsome.

  • spongyruler

    @NG22: You mean like Tom Felton?

  • Mezaien

    How nice the guys have, so much fun.

  • Invert

    @ppp111: jeez, I’m the only guy in the world who thinks Haley Joel turned out quite gorgeous.

  • baggins435

    The media talks about his “overnight” transformation, but IIRC Lewis said in an interview that in the early movies he wore a “fat suit” and the bad teeth were fake. I have no clue why some people have trouble grasping the concept of “growing up” where child actors are concerned. Some kids are ugly ducklings that become hot adults and some cute little kids grow into average adults. It isn’t magic, people.

  • silveroracle

    Yes, he definitely turned into a charming man.

  • Daggerman

    …dreadful mouth, disgusting teeth. Not really my cup of tea….

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