Here’s A Map Of All 50 States Ranked From Hairy To Smooth

polls_chesthair_3004_569220_poll_xlargeThe good folks over at the gay dating app SCRUFF have put together a handy map ranking all 50 states from hairy to smooth because, well, why not? Information like this could be very useful for countless gay men as they plan their upcoming summer vacations.

Interestingly, states with colder winters tend to be hairier. Vermont ranked #1 for the most hairy, followed by Maine, Oregon, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.

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Hawaii was ranked as the smoothest state, which doesn’t surprise us, followed by Puerto Rico, Nevada, Alaska (wild card!), and South Dakota.

But the SCRUFFtistics don’t stop there.

288 cities were also ranked from hairy to smooth. Everett, WA ranked the most hirsute city in the nation, followed by Evansville, IN, Portland, OR, Manchester, NH, and Alexandria, VA.

As for the least hair cities, Fayetteville, NC was found to be the smoothest metropolitan, following by North Las Vegas, NV, Murrieta, GA, Elk Grove, CA, and Temecula, CA.

Check out the maps below.

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