Here’s a New Men’s Lifestyle Brand For The “Homosexual And Homocentric”

huntley hommeIntroducing Huntley Homme, a “men’s lifestyle brand dedicated to dressing and inspiring the homosexual and homocentric.”

So, what does that mean, exactly? Is it a company that sells fashionable clothing, and also has a particular visual aesthetic? Yes, we think that is it.

“Each piece draws on personal episodes, political situations or global incidents with an aim to inspire, educate and provoke,” the marketing materials say. For example, one T-shirt has a line drawing of two bearded men kissing. That is probably drawn from a global incident in which two men with beards kissed each other, and it will inspire other men with beards to kiss. Mission accomplished!

In all seriousness, though, the clothes are pretty cute. There’s some t-shirts and tank tops with nice drawings and typography. Also some sweat pants with an underwear-ish front, so if you go out in public people will either find you daring and sexy, or possibly a demented person who is wearing long underwear.

There’s also a hat that says “TOP” in big letters, but who are you trying to kid? Get the “BTM” one. You know what you are.

The name “Huntley Homme” is drawn from the story — and this is corroborated by Wikipedia — that a British committee investigating laws on homosexuality used “Huntley” as slang for gays, because the word “homosexual” was too shocking. This, coming from the country so gay it has a designated time of day for drinking tea.

The “Homme” portion of the name is French for “man,” because the only country gayer than England is France. (Greece hasn’t held the top ranking for thousands of years, despited having invented homosexuality.)

So! If you’re in the market for a $50 tank top that is “a catalyst for change and awareness,” look no further.

h/t: Accidental Bear