Here’s Bill O’Reilly throwing an actual tantrum, for old times’ sake

As the world continues to mourn celebrate the firing of William James “Bill” O’Reilly from his long reign at Fox News, we thought it as good a time as ever to revisit this rare clip of the former host showing his true colors.

Now that the sexual harassment claims have piled up at his feet, the world has more of an idea of what kind of man O’Reilly is when the cameras are off. And that’s really saying something, as he’s not a whole lot better when they’re on.

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Still, the even-keeled, populist pragmatist he played on TV for so many years should be seen for what it is — a character.

Here’s how we’ll choose to remember him:

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  • Mo Bro

    One of the first times I ever saw Bill O’Reilly’s show was when a man dressed as a woman gave him GLAAD’s “pink brick” award for being the most harmful individual to lgbt rights in America. When O’Reilly asked what, specifically, he’d done to deserve such an accolade, the person presenting the award couldn’t come up with anything better than to attack the points-of-view of O’Reilly’s past guests, failing to point out any wrongdoing on O’Reilly’s part (YouTube has the video).

    So now I’d like to ask . . . what, specifically, did O’Reilly ever do to harm us that makes him deserving of such venomous vitriol?
    Just wondering if I missed out on something.

    • captainburrito

      I recall him being that anti-gay. He evolved over time or quite simply he simply follows mainstream opinion or usually doesn’t stray too far from it. For example, he was against gay marriage 10-15 years ago but that slowly softened and in the past couple of years he was saying the compelling arguments were on the side of gay marriage. He also went from supporting businesses refusing to serve gay weddings to criticizing some laws which were to facilitate discrimination against gays in services.

      I think even in the past there would be plenty worse than him to receive that award like Tony Perkins and all those leaders of similar organizations. Those people have not moderated their views at all.

  • He BGB

    He’s just a blow hard egomaniac that has let his fame go to his head. He really thinks he’s something. In america, it all has to do with enjoying tearing down celebrities after building them up. It’s really quite enjoyable when they’re jerks. He has enough money now, just roll around in it, Bill and go away. He’s probably not homophobic but his association with Fox News tarnished anything positive.

  • Herman75

    Oh that girl! Now, that tired old girl. Well, he’s off doing what that ilk are all about, counting their money.

  • danielplainview1981

    Such a disgusting pig!

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