Here’s Your Chance To Have Colton Haynes All Over Your Mug, James Franco’s Head & So Much More


It takes a very special kind of person to create fan art. And an even more special kind of person to purchase it. These people do exist in the world, however, and thanks to crafting websites like Etsy, they’re easier to find than ever before.

Check out these 18 limited edition pieces of fan art and household goods featuring some of your favorite icons currently available for sale online…

Colton Haynes coffee mug


Enjoy your morning coffee in this limited edition mug depicting a hand-painted image of the freshly out Arrow star.

Jussie Smollett Pride poster


A print of this Pride-themed poster of Jussie Smollett can be yours for just $20. There is a limited quantity, though, so order soon.

Aaron Schock‘s abdominals button


Now you can wear the disgraced former congressman’s abs on your lapel.

Lady Gaga nesting dolls


Because every Little Monster needs a set of five Mother Monster nesting dolls.

Tom Daley dive necklace


So you can keep the Olympic swimmer close to your heart at all times.

Channing Tatum light switch cover


must-have for any Channing Tatum devotee.

Ricky Martin pillow


You simply can’t live the la vida loca unless you have this decorative pillow somewhere in your apartment.

Madonna stemware


$30 gets you one 20 oz. goblet featuring the pop icon in her prime. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping, which is an additional $10.

Chris Pratt ceramic dish


This one-of-a-kind treasure is made out of white clay, chartreuse and baby blue underglazes and, most importantly, a decal of the Jurrassic World hunk.

John Stamos prayer candle


OK, this one is actually kinda cool.

Frank Ocean poster


This super flattering poster of the MIA singer would look great in any room. (Seriously, Frank, when’s the next album coming out?)

Cher And Her Horse Acrylic Clock


Someone took a grainy old photograph of Cher with a horse circa 1970-something, added some glitter and beads, and turned it into a clock.

James Franco toy head


According to its description, this James Franco toy head is “handmade with love & sweet thoughts in mind.” We’re sure it is.

Idris Elba ceramic coaster


Allow Idris Elba to protect your coffee table from water stains.

Janet Jackson oil painting


The Unbreakable singer must be so flattered.

Zac Efron sticker set


Because what grownup doesn’t need a set of shirtless Zac Efron stickers for their trapper keeper?

Chris Crocker “Leave Britney Alone” illustration


Yes, this actually exists. And it’s $5 (+ $9.99 S&H).

Beyonce cushion


Queen Bey is now available to take home as a terrifying cushion. Sweet dreams. Beautiful nightmares.

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