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Here’s your chance to understand Taron Egerton’s butt as never before

Taron Egerton, like fellow actor Chris Evans, is currently single and very much open to mingling. Thanks to a rather candid interview we now know one physical attribute he’s acutely aware of, both on himself and potential partners.

The Rocketman and Black Bird star recently spoke to Andy Cohen on his Radio Andy show, where he confirmed his eligibility and said he’s looking for a woman who is “quite attractive and funny.”

Cohen opted for a not-so-subtle followup question, asking if the first thing he notices is “boobs.”

“No, I don’t care about that,” Egerton responded. “I’m probably more of an a** man I think. But there are no prerequisites.”

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Intrepid journalist Cohen next queried the actor about “big butts,” prompting Egerton to start talking about his own.

“I’ve got a big butt, quite a big round butt, I can’t be with a woman who’s got a small one, do you know what I mean? It’s not going to balance it out, otherwise, when we’re walking away holding hands as a couple… It won’t work.”

Egerton continued: “Some days I wish I had a littler butt, it feels nice to have a wagon but then some days I think, there are certain pairs of trousers where it could be great if I could just slip into them.”

As to where the actor may meet this hilarious partner with the ideal derrière, his pal Elton John has promised to help but has yet to deliver.

The two struck up a friendship while the musical legend and his husband David Furnish were working on the 2019 biopic of the artist. Egerton, of course, played him on screen.

John has pledged to play matchmaker for the actor. “He talks about it but he never really comes through with the goods, he talks a good talk.”

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In addition to talking a good talk, John also apparently emails a good (well, good is relative here) email.

“He doesn’t text, he emails,” Egerton explained. “He emails filth, normally.”

The Kingsman star didn’t elaborate.

One place Egerton will not be finding dates is his Instagram DMs.

“I’ve gone in there to have a look once every now and then but it’s like a portal to hell,” he said.

Speaking of Instagram, scroll down for some pics from Egerton’s page…

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